[TowerTalk] MATV-Quality FM Broadcast Yagi

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon Jun 5 21:06:11 EDT 2006

I have a tough reception condition at my new QTH -- a LPFM is 1.5 
miles away and on the same channel as San Francisco's great jazz 
station (KCSM). Luckily they are about 160 degrees away in azimuth, 
so I may have a chance if it throw a serious antenna at it (and maybe 
even a cancelling antenna to null the LPFM. I'm having a hard time 
finding good choices though -- the two best bets seem to be a 10 
element Winegard and a 13-element model (12 ft boom) from Antenna 
Performance Specialties. Both cover the entire FM band, but I care 
only about the bottom 4 MHz, so I'd gladly buy a narrow band antenna 
that is tweaked for a bit more gain and F/B. And F/B is far more 
important than an extra few dB of gain. 

Any ideas?  Other options? Is there an MATV product that might be 
narrow band?  Has anyone used the APS product or know anything about 

Please email me off list, since this is a bit off topic. 


Jim Brown K9YC

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