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> At 08:33 AM 6/6/2006, Dick Green WC1M wrote:
>>Another thing they do to avoid liability is say that the tower must be
>>installed by a professional.
> And who's to say what "professional" means. It's not like there's some
> governmental agency licensing tower installers as such(notwithstanding 
> that
> there's a fair amount of government regulation of one sort or another
> covering tower work, as an occupation.) Is it someone who's carrying
> liability insurance?  Someone who has a contractor's license (which
> essentially means they've got insurance)?
>>They used to have a loose network of installers
>>who knew how to install and maintain the tower. Don't know if they still 
>>If you install it yourself and claim injury or damage occurred due to lack
>>of documentation, they would probably point to disclaimers saying the 
>>is designed to be installed only by professionals.
> but that disclaimer, as has been pointed out, is probably worthless in a
> lawsuit.  You can't really disclaim liability for defects, except in some
> fairly special cases. (all that "implied warranty of merchantability and
> fitness for use" stuff.)  More to the point, in the event of a disaster,
> there's a sort of dance of the attorneys as everyone jockeys for position
> until the case settles.  Rarely would it go to court, where the
> disclaimer's validity would actually get tested.  What having an (insured)
> professional installer in the mix means is there's at least one more party
> in the dispute.
> Jim
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