[TowerTalk] Cable safety climb systems

Christopher J Galbraith cgalbrai at umich.edu
Wed Jun 7 12:51:24 EDT 2006

Hi gang,

Does anyone have experience with cable-based safety climbing systems such as
Trylon's Cougar system?


Or DBI/Sala's "Lad Safe" system: 


Basically, a steel cable is permanently attached to the tower with brackets
and a special locking, cable sleeve attaches the climber's harness to the
cable, ensuring tower attachment and fall arrest protection 100% of the

It looks like a good idea, but I would appreciate any comments and caveats
from experienced climbers (and/or users).  We are looking at it specifically
for use on a roof-mounted 40 ft Rohn 55G tower.


73, Chris KA8WFC

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