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Hello Gary,
I asked the same question. The answer was that the measurement device 
cost around 1400 pounds sterling, so I decided to ask a company that 
specialised in installing lightning protection for church towerers 
etc. They came to my house and measured the ground resistance by means 
of a bridge type meter, putting out test leads around the site etc. 
They came up with a reading of 19 ohms, between my own "earth rod", 
and the site boundarys, and said that figure could be improved on. I 
agreed that they should continue the work, and they proceeded to drive 
three copper ground rods into the soil, using a Kango hammer, at the 
corners of an 8ft triangle, where my tower base is in the centre of 
the triangle. They measured the ground resistance as each length of 
copper went down, and once the three ground rods were driven to a 
depth of 4 metres, the measured ground resistance was just 2.1 ohms, I 
saw the meter reading, and I have a certificate to prove it. The 
surface ends of the copper rods were then tied together, using 1 inch 
wide, thick copper strap, and the top of my crank up tower, connected 
to this ground system by means of a flexible copper conductor of an 
equal cross section. The entire job took about 1 hour, and the cost, 
about one third the price of the test equipment required to do the 
measurement......I hope this may be of some interest to you and the 
John. G3JVC. 

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>I imagine I have missed the obvious but my question is how do you
>measure ground resistance? Does it take a special meter (I suspect it
>does). I am writing this in reference to ground rods and grounding of
>Gary, N5PHT

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