[TowerTalk] Ground resistance

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 8 16:09:16 EDT 2006

Jim Brown wrote:
> On Thu, 08 Jun 2006 14:06:27 -0400, Roger D Johnson wrote:
>> 'm trying
>> to keep it relatively simple for Gary until he comes up to speed. 
> Simplicity is good only if it is CORRECT. Simplicity that is wrong 
> leads to (or reinforces) the myriad of misconceptions about the purpose 
> of earth connections. We've all seen posts here and elsewhere from hams 
> pursuing that perfect earth connection that is going to make their 
> antenna work better, or that they need a different earth connection for 
> power and their ham station. Both are wrong. 

One of the problems is that "ground" means different things to different
people. It's rather like using Ohms to describe resistance, reactance
and impedance! Proper lightning protection involves more than just
pounding in a few ground rods. As I stated, my objective was to steer
Gary to some good info on the subject and not get bogged down splitting
hairs or arguing terminology. After he has gone to some of the
recommended sites and has a good idea of what is involved, I'm sure he
will have more detailed questions that we can answer with detailed

73, Roger

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