[TowerTalk] Ground resistance

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 8 17:09:11 EDT 2006

Keith Dutson wrote:
>> The most dirty words in lightning protection are LONG and INDUCTANCE. More
> copper plates solve nothing except acting as a place to bond all the antenna
> ground connections together, and those connections are only effective if
> they are very short.
> These should always be used together when discussing lightning protection.
> Short is of course relative to the inductance generated at about 1MHz.  A
> thin wire 3 feet long may be worse than a 3 inch copper strap 50 feet long.
> Above all, NEVER assume that a well-engineered ground system will prevent
> lightning damage.  Get some good insurance to protect your home and
> equipment against that rare direct hit.
> 73, Keith NM5G

That reminds me of when NY1E and I were touring KC1XX's contest station.
Dick asked Matt what he did about lightning protection. Matt's response,
"State Farm"!

73, Roger

Remember the USS Liberty (AGTR-5)

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