[TowerTalk] Bentonite ?

Bill Aycock baycock at direcway.com
Thu Jun 8 18:14:03 EDT 2006

I have seen several references lately to the use of the Mineral Clay 
"Bentonite" used in tower and antenna work. I have a couple bags of it, and 
have used it as a suspension agent in Ceramic glazes, and as a 
Viscosity  and shrinkage control in clay bodies. I have seen  it used as 
drilling "Mud" in oilwell drilling, as liner conditioner in ponds, and as a 
sealer to correct leaking basements.
Almost all these applications derive from the simple fact that , like most 
clay, it swells when wet; it's particular feature is that it is EXCELLENT 
at doing it. (ie, it swells a LOT)
None of what I have experienced or read tells me of anything else inherent 
in its properties that applies to Antennas, and I am very curious.
Does anyone have any references they can pass on?

Bill Aycock - W4BSG
Woodville, Alabama 

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