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>>  Blake Bowers wrote:
>> Just as a note, that belt is NOT OSHA approved  for
>> climbing towers.  I realize you are not stating that  it
>> is, but the web link that you have states that it  is.

>   I didn't notice that!  I bought this years  ago, has
OSHA changed the standards?

        Oh, yes. Whenever you're  4-8' (I forgot the actual height) off the 
ground you need a fall arrest harness  with the D-ring between the shoulder 
blades so that if you fall, you're caught  by the fall arrest lanyard in a 
non-lethal position. 
        Also leather equipment is  illegal now also. 
        While OSHA rules only  require compliance by workers (people being 
paid for performing the tasks), it's  a pretty good idea to be as safe as you 
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