[TowerTalk] climbing AN-Wireless/Trylon type towers

jp at ezoom.net jp at ezoom.net
Fri Jun 9 14:51:01 EDT 2006

Quoting ersmar at comcast.net:

> Roger et al:
>      The gin pole depicted is made for round tower members.  I don't believe
> it will work on angular tower members such as those on Trylon towers like 
> mine (the Titan series of medium-duty towers).

rest of stuff deleted...

No, you need to read the page.  It states: "GP-31T GINPOLE KIT

This kit was developed to fit the growing in popularity TRYLON tower that has a
60 degree leg shape and requires a custom made ginpole todo the job.  the two
clamps feature all welded steel construction and the pully is a standard IIX
ginpole pully. This ginpole fits all sections of a 64 ft Trylon tower."

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