[TowerTalk] Shunt feed short tower

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Sat Jun 10 07:44:53 EDT 2006

On Jun 5, 2006, at 2:15 AM, ersmar at comcast.net wrote:

>  If that fails, you might have to try an Omega match at the bottom  
> of the shunt tubing.  This match is essentially a variable cap in  
> series between the coax and the tubing, and another cap in shunt to  
> ground at the junction of the series cap and the tubing.

An omega match has limited matching range. If your shunt isn't close  
to that range, you won't be able to tune it.

W8JI has an article about this on his site:

I wasn't able to obtain a match on my shunt for 160m with an omega  
match, although it worked just fine for 80m until I made a change to  
the A3S. (added the 40m kit) That's why I went with the L networks.

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