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Stone, Gary R. Gary.Stone at va.gov
Mon Jun 12 09:06:35 EDT 2006

Hi Bill and others,

OK - I will put in my .02 worth and please remember it is my experience
only.  I went through three M2 rotators in a year.  Now, one of not
their fault (lightening hit) but the other two were their fault.  

I am turning 26 sq. feet of antenna and I realize that is a lot but the
M2 2800 is rated for 35 sq feet.  I have an Optibeam OB17-4 and 12 feet
above that the Force12 WARC7.

The first M2 lasted about a month and that was after lots of problems
getting the reed line to work - always, always, always use coax of
somekind for the reed line regardless of your length of run in my
experience.  Then it gave way and M2 would never tell me what was the
diagnosis but they did replace it after some discussion.  The second one
arrived dead out of the box.  I had a tower climber scheduled for the
coming Monday and this was a Friday so M2 agreed to try and walk me thru
trouble shooting via the phone. Well, me and 2 friends worked on it for
3 hours and found 2 problems - one a simple wire but the other was a
gear out of place and we had to take a hammer and whack it hard several
times to get it to work - just the thing you want to do with a top of
the line rotator that is new hi hi.

Well, went ahead and installed it and it lasted until the lightening hit
with no problems.  Then the 3rd unit was fine on the ground but would
not work on the tower under any load.  So I got a refund and decided I
better go with a pro-sis-tel and it has been working about 1 month and
so far I am really happy with this BigBoy rotator.  The controller is
much better with a point and rotate knob.  It is smooth operation so
far.  I have a question I will formulate with another string but so far
I am happy.  It is the PST61D
and it is rated for 39 sq. feet.  So, that is my story.

73 de N5PHT, Gary

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Greetings to all,
  I'm planning a new QTH and antenna (MonstIR, 2mtr, 70 cm) and had
planned on utilizing the M2 OR-2800 rotator.  Recently I've heard,
through the "grapevine" that the OR-2800 has had some problems with the
MonstIR (and similar sized) yagis.  The Prosistel was recommended as a
bettter choice.  Heresay?  Does anybody have comments or suggestions on
  Thanks in advance!
  73, Bill

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