[TowerTalk] Position of fall arrest lanyard

Doug Rehman rehman at surveil.com
Wed Jun 14 14:20:29 EDT 2006

> I know this has been tackle before, but can I please have 
> your thoughts on which is the best position for the fall 
> arrest lanyard, front or back. I use the back, but ran across 
> this picture today
> http://en.petzl.com/petzl/ProConseils?Conseil=50&Activite=19
> Neil Mayo

That's the first time I've ever seen the fall arrest lanyard connected to
the front. I would think the likelihood of back/spinal trauma would be far
greater with a frontal connection. It seems like you'd get a pretty good
snap backwards when the fall arrest lanyard caught you.

K4DDR (who has his dual FA lanyard connected to the back and a gorilla hook
on the front)

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