[TowerTalk] measuring cable loss with an MFJ 259B

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Jun 14 15:13:56 EDT 2006

It's the latter, and I bet you're right about the variations in accuracy with impedance.  The manual states "...The impedance meter is disabled in this mode."  Perhaps all they mean is the front panel meter.  I'm not clear on just what is being measured in this mode.  My old Autek RF-1, if I remember correctly, required you to sweep for lowest X, and then converted R into attenuation through a formula.  Alas, the manual went with the meter.

73, Pete

At 02:55 PM 6/14/2006, Jim Lux wrote:
>Are these swings with the frequency held constant? Or wavyness as the cable is swept in frequency.
>Part of it might be that the bridge in the 259 has better accuracies at some impedances than others.  As you sweep the frequency, the impedance being measured varies from a short to an open, with varying amounts of reactance.  

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