[TowerTalk] bracketed 45G

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at verizon.net
Thu Jun 15 14:14:33 EDT 2006

Danger, Will Robinson!

You cannot rely upon anchors in a brick face to support
a structure.

You MUST through drill, into the structural framework, 
or into a backing plate which spreads the load into the 

I ran 50' of 45G for several years in Vermont, bracketed
at 6' and 16'.   Had about 10 s.f. on top.   It was quite

In my case, I manufactured house brackets from pressure treated 
2x8's, which spanned 3 roof trusses and floor joists.  I lag 
screwed into the structure with two 12"x 1/2" screws at each 
framing point, being careful to drill precise pilot holes to get
100% thread penetration, and no cracking.

The 2x8 system fixed the flat side of the tower against the building,
approximately 2" out.  If your structure has deep eaves, you'll be
stuck with using the Rohn house bracket.  I found that to be more
flexible than I wished, which drove me to design my own.  

Where you have to get a permit, you're already constrained to use the
commercial product.   In that event, you're also constrained to follow
the prime directive...i.e. the mfr's specifications.


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