[TowerTalk] bracketed 45G

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Fri Jun 16 00:08:03 EDT 2006

W2RU - Bud Hippisley wrote:

> Gee, I wonder if you're thinking of the "older" Rohn brackets?  Compared 
> to the Rohn house brackets I bought a few decades ago for my Rohn 25 
> towers, the Rohn house brackets I bought six years ago for my Rohn 45 
> tower are *massive* and about as flexible as a cinder block.
> Bud, W2RU

Gee! I haven't seen a cinder block for decades. Ugly things but I
don't remember much about their flexibility.

73, Roger

Remember the USS Liberty (AGTR-5)

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