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Yes, that is a "special case" and has been theorized about in the 
literature...however, the general and more typical case is low angle based. 
Asserting the exception doesn't create the rule, it just makes the rule 
subject to an exception and most people don't erect antennas for the 
exception. Good point, though. Thanks!

...hasan, N0AN
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> Roger D Johnson wrote:
>> hasan schiers wrote:
>>> And none of the studies I am seeing reflect high angle arrival of dx 
>>> signals
>>> on 80/160. Higher than on 20m and above yes, high enough for a low 
>>> dipole to
>>> be competitive, absolutely not.
>> I beg to differ. Signals often come in at high angles during sunset and
>> sunrise. My friend K1UO worked JT1 on 160m at his local sunset using an
>> inverted V with apex at 60ft during such an opening! The chaps with
>> verticals were inaudible.
>> 73, Roger
> I'm not sure that my above statement applies in all areas of the world.
> Bob Brown, NM7M, has done some interesting work on 160m propagation that
> suggests that horizontal antennas might actually outperform verticals in
> certain areas.
> 73, Roger
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