[TowerTalk] Permanent fall arrest line?

William Q Meeker wqmeeker at iastate.edu
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AN Wireless markets such a life line for their towers. Details are at:


I have one of these on my HD-70. You can also order a SALA ascender from them:


which attached to the front D-ring on a full-body harness. It works very 
well. My wife never did like to see me climb, even 30 years ago, but she 
feels better now that I have this system.



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>I'd like to install a permanent fall arrest line from top to bottom
>of my tower that I could clip onto using a "rope grab" type of
>device. I think the rock climbers call them "ascenders".
>My question is what type of line or rope would be suitable for
>permanent attachment? Most rope will deteriorate in sunlight and I
>don't want something I can't trust. Perhaps a wire line, although the
>rope grabbers I've seen so far are only for rope, not wire. How about
>Any advice appreciated.
>Bill, W6WRT

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