[TowerTalk] bracketed 45G (Bob Smith NA6T)

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Fri Jun 16 20:39:07 EDT 2006

On Jun 16, 2006, at 12:54 PM, Bob Smith wrote:

> I think where everyone is getting different sizes and mountings for  
> the Rohn
> 'eve brackets' is because there are FOUR (4) different eve brackets  
> made for
> the rohn 25/45G towers.
> Bracket 1
>          Adjustable house bracket 15' - 24' - 36'  (lightweight model)
>          HB25AGO

HB25A, HB25B and HB25C. These are pretty sturdy brackets, although  
they all have some lateral "give". They are for 15", 24" and 36",  
respectively. My house has 17" eaves, plus gutters, so I had to use  
the HB25B.

Only for 25G. They won't fit 45G. (Although one friend of mine has 45  
bracketed to an HB25C for the first guy point - it fits only because  
it isn't square to the 45G, and the adjustable straight brace is  

> Bracket 2
>          Heav Duty Universal House Bracket (adj. from 18" to 36")
>          HBUTVRO

Monster bracket. Huge. It's like 6 feet across.

> Bracket 3
>          Universal house bracket  (ajd from 6" to 30")
>          HBU

Not quite so big as the HBUTVRO, cross-bracketed. Should have much  
more lateral stability than the HB25 series.

> Universal Eave Bracket
>          you set it and forget it,, to ify, see the pics in the  
> catalog
>          EB2525G

These look wimpy small to me. Haven't actually seen one, but from the  
catalog looks like you'd have to have massively overbuilt eaves to  
use these.

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