[TowerTalk] Wire Rope - Hy-Gain HG70-HD Crank Up

wn0x at earthlink.net wn0x at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 20 21:46:56 EDT 2006

I am rebuilding a well used HG-70HD.  At some point in its life the cables were replaced.  It now has 3/8 inch wire rope for the lower sections and 1/4 inch for the upper sections.  In both cases wire clamps were used instead of the crimped fittings.

According to the manual, the lower section orginally had 3/16" wire rope, and the upper section 1/4" wire rope.  I am concerned for the accuracy as the manual has "HG-54HD" in places where it should have HG-70HD.

Is 3/8" correct?  If someone could actually check their HG-70HD to verify this I would appreciate it.

I believe the 3/8" cable is causing problems, especially the very large cable clamps.  If it is supposed to have 3/16" cable I would like to use that if possible, as it will be easier to find a swaging tool.

Also, one of the pulleys has completely lost its brass bearing, the others are very worn.  Has anyone found a source for these pulleys?  I will take them to a machine shop tommorrow to see if they can replace them.


Rich Beckwith - WN0X

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