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> On Jun 21, 2006, at 10:55 AM, K8RI on Tower talk wrote:
>> Nor have I heard of any base T cabling. I use Cat5e used for a gigabit
>> netork and lots of it. Like many cables it has to meet a spec for
>> handleing
>> signals.The mechanical quality of Cat5e cable varies widely.  I
>> have one
>> piece that has been just laying on the ground now for a couple of
>> yerars
>> with no noticable deteoriation.
> 10base-T refers to the type of ethernet connection which used Cat5,

I'm familiar with 10 base T, 100 Base T, and gigabit used for listing 
equipment speeds. I'd just never seen it used with cable listings.  I use 
Cat5e for a gigabit LAN.

"In the old days" we only had to worry about fire blocks at walls and 
bulkheads.  Cat5e would have never been allowed as it is hollow. It's more 
like a tube about 2/3 filled with wires. That's also one of the reasons the 
stuff is difficult to get around corners as the tube colapses and is easily 

> etc., cables.  As opposed to 10base-2 which used 50-ohm coax.  I

I wonder why they use the nomenclature base T and base 2?

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2
> don't see that nomenclature used much anymore.
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