[TowerTalk] CushCraft Query

Barry Fox foxbw at comcast.net
Wed Jun 21 21:57:06 EDT 2006

I need the opinion of the yagi modeling gurus on the site.
I bought a CC D4, 40 - 10M rotary dipole.  I have since decided to
purchase an A3S.  I notice there is a modification kit to add 40M
to the A3S driven element.  AHA says I, don't I already have that
kit (more or less) with the D4?  Could I replace the DE on the A3S
with the D4 and have a 40 - 10M yagi?  (with no gain on 40, I know).
So I sent that query to CC and received a "I see no reason why that
would not work" sort of reply.  I was really hoping to get a "We
ran all sorts of software models of that configuration and really
think that will work FB" sort of answer, but no such luck.  Does
anyone on the list have any experience with a modeling program that
would substantiate this idea?  Or shoot it down?  Either one is fine
with me, I just want a better answer than the one I got from CC.
TNX / 73,
Barry - W1HFN

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