[TowerTalk] Arc During Lightning Storm

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Fri Jun 23 19:33:08 EDT 2006

You are hearing the original lightning protector... the gap between wires in
typical electrical outlets, lamp sockets, switches, etc is so small that
they will arc over at just a couple thousand volts.  This is low enough of a
voltage that during a close strike the induced voltage can be high enough to
cause them to arc over but not be bad enough to actually damage 'normal'
equipment.  It can be enough to take out sensitive phones and modems and
cheap electronics.

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>   A couple of times in my life I have been in a building during a
> lightning
> storm, as today, and I hear a "zap" arc-type noise during a close strike.
> Today I was in a garage during a storm and we had a close strike, but not
> terribly so, and I heard a loud "zap". All the ac circuits and telephones
> worked afterward (there were no external antennas, etc.) What am I
> hearing?
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