[TowerTalk] Arc during Lightning storm

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This is actually a very different phenomena from the induced charge from a
local lightening strike.  Charge build up due to wind and sand are due to
electrostatic charge transfer identical to the "Van de Graff" generator.
The results can sound the same but the energy in these induced electrostatic
charges is usually very low, resulting in no damage unless a solid state
device in in the path!


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> Hi all,  I've experienced something similar, 'cept it was winter, heavy
blowing snow (20-30 mph winds). I went to connect an inverted L and happened
to brush the feed line past the ground bar on the way to the tuner.  Got a
REALLY NICE  Blue arc.  Forgot about going on the air, just played with the
arc for a while.
> I've heard that the military had the similar problems in the middle east
conflicts on HF (but not with snow).  Rumor has it during sand storms, the
static build up was blowing the front ends out of the solid state equipment.
Also heard they scrambled to get a bunch of Collins KWM2 and 75 series gear
refurbed and over there. (also rumor)
> 73
> K9WN  Jake
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