[TowerTalk] Lexan

Ed Stallman n5blz at ev1.net
Sun Jun 25 22:37:24 EDT 2006

 I'm building a 6 meter yagi and I'm insulating the elements from the boom.
my plans are to use a U bolt with saddle around the boom, then use lexan
fastened to the saddle with the 1/2 inch element then fastened to the
lexan. The question I have is who is a good source for lexan? I did a
search on MCMASTER-CARR web page http://www.mcmaster.com/ for lexan and I
found POLYCARBONATE Sheets 1/4 inch thick PN 85805 K28
Will this be strong enough? will it hold up under UV ? They have other to
choose from, so is their a better choice?

Tnx for ur help Ed N5BLZ

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