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Mon Jun 26 12:44:29 EDT 2006

> Ed,
> I've used "Type LE Phenolic" for all of my element mounting
> plates for 35 years.  The oldest material is still in use, and other
> than some deterioration the original color, they are all as good
> as new.
> You can order various sizes from Mcmaster-Carr.  For your
> antenna, assuming you have an appropriate saw, a 12x12 inch
> plate may be the best purchase, part number 8474K141 and the
> price is $21.

I had forgotten this stuff.

Where I worked before going back to school we used pieces of Phenolic about 
16" square and 1 1/2 thick for relay mounts (they were pretty good size 
relays with 500 MCM cables to each contact.<G>) They wondered why I wanted 
some of the old scrap pieces, but I could generally get a piece 2  to 4 
inches wide and sometimes full length.  It's no wonder I don't have any 
left. I went back to school in 87 so it's been 19 years.

It makes good insulators that are strong. I'm not sure arbout the fabric 
impregnated stuff and moisture.  Keep the drill speed down when makeing 
holes in it as that stuff STINKS when it gets hot. <:-))

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2
> Good luck!
> 73
> Frank
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