[TowerTalk] Building a Tower Trailer

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Tue Jun 27 14:06:36 EDT 2006

> I am probably the source of this concern, Mark.

Thanks for the details, Mike.

I think Caltech's (Marty's old) tower trailer needs to be nicknamed "the 
tower trailer that wouldn't die."  It's seen some, uh, "action."  ("Abuse?") 
I will admit that I never saw 75 MPH when hauling it.  Probably a good 
lesson learned.  So I presume the axle got replaced?  Sooner or later it 
will be the Darth Vader of all tower trailers, more replacement parts than 

But it keeps on ticking.  BTW, all the welds were done by Marty and Wayne 
and none of these failures have been the result of a faulty weld.

JC points out the tongue weight - good point from two counts.  First, 
originally Marty's trailer had a 4KW commercial Kohler generator on it. 
That is gone.  However, the trailer was the same as Wayne's which didn't 
have the generator mounted on it.  The generator made that trailer have a 
rather heavy tongue weight.  Wayne's was easier to push around and had a 
very reasonable tongue weight.  Second, though at rest the tongue weight is 
reasonable, under acceleration, my guess is 1000 pounds (not counting the 
extra Rohn 25 - yikes) 6 feet above the wheels doesn't do anything for the 
tongue weight at that "moment."  Just a guess....

Mark, N5OT 

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