[TowerTalk] Coax Grounding on a tower.

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Tue Jun 27 16:18:02 EDT 2006

On 06/27/06 02:40 pm K8RI on Tower talk wrote:

>> Did you consider the Polyphaser grounding kits? AFAICS from the
>> literature, you strip off the outer jacket, clamp one end of the copper
> I'd never heard of them. I'll have to look into them if I can find the 
> information.  I've been reluctant to cut the jacket any place to make up 
> something like this, but the Polyphaser might be just what I'm looking for.

All basically the same except for the metal to which they are designed 
to connect at each end:






Alan NV8A

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