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I responded earlier that Home Depot has the staples as do many sod farms.
True.  I bought a bunch of them from a sod place for a lot of sod I put in
on a steep slope and later found Home Depot had shorter ones.  If you are
concerned about rust, use insulated radial wires, negligible difference in
performance.  Nuff said.

I did NOT use them for my ground wire installation.  I used the "old fashion
clothespins" that they think today are for making dolls and are in the
hobby/cloth corner of someplace.  I think it was Targot but can't remember
for sure.  It WAS Targot or Wal-Mart of Walgreen's or something like that,
just not sure which.  They are wood (not the ones with the springs),
actually do not stick up high enough to get cut off by the mower, but if
they did, no damage anyway.  I laughed at the idea but wound up using them
and they work great.  Some crack in hard ground (water first) when you stick
them in straddle the wire but who cares.  They are one of those "try it,
you'll like it" things.  Be careful, they'll want to know what you are going
to do with all the dolls and be upset about you buying their entire supply.

73, de Jim KG0KP

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> Might there be a problem using steel staples over copper wire? Isn't
> there an opportunity for dissimilar metal corrosion?
> I was wondering the exact same thing...
> Wouldn't rusty baling wire staples (or coat hanger, etc) over bare copper
> radials create a field full of mixer diodes, creating a heap of spurious
> signals???
> I am planning an 80 m plus 40m 4 square with a decent radial field.
> my NY QTH, this place will require an occasional mowing.  Some kind of
> will be needed.  Wisdom suggests be careful.  Any suggestions?
> K2EK
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