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JC Smith jc-smith at comcast.net
Thu Jun 29 10:21:20 EDT 2006

I went through a similar consideration last summer, Allen.  I also
considered the Force 12 and M^2 antennas.  I was biased toward the 4L StepIR
going in but was worried about durability and cost (I didn't mind the cost
if the durability was there).  I don't think any other 20-10 multiband
antenna can outperform the StepIR, plus the StepIR gives you 6-meters.
After waiting another year and hearing mostly all positive reports I went
ahead and ordered the StepIR (4L) with 6-meter passive elements.  For 30 &
40 I've ordered the F12 EF-240/230.  My other options there were 40-meter
monobanders such as the Cushcraft or M^2 or another F-12 and a dipole for
30.  I decided on the 240/230 because I liked the idea of some gain and F/B
on 30 and even though 40 is my favorite band, in order to get any measurable
performance improvement over the 240/230 I had to go to a considerably
larger antenna, and since I'm stacking it 14 ft. above the StepIR that
wasn't too practical.  Also, I have tower placement issues and the larger
40-meter Yagis would have overhung the neighbor's property.

I should add that I've previously owned and am currently using trapped
HyGain antennas.  The plastic trap caps seem to be their weakest point so I
wrapped mine with two layers of electrical tape and Scotchcote.  Haven't had
a bit of trouble in 13 years, I just wanted more performance than I could
get out of a trapped antenna and the StepIR did that with less surface area
than the TH-11.

If you aren't sold on having an antenna with moving parts you might also
look at Force 12.  They have some nice combinations that will cover 40
through 10 meters with two antennas and good performance.

Good luck with your project.

73 - JC, K0HPS

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I am trying to decide between three antenna types: the 4 el SteppIR, the
T-11 Log Periodic and a TH-11 (or similar antenna). I would like to know
your suggestions, recommendations and experiences with these antennas and
especially comparisons between them. I plan to put it up approx 75 feet.

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