[TowerTalk] DO *NOT* WORK ON ANTENNAS During Rain or whyaliveelectricians are happily married

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Thu Jun 29 16:01:06 EDT 2006

> An electrician who has so little faith in himself he has to check his
> work?

Hmm, that sounds a little smug.  As one in the field, when you spend 8-10
hours a day putting the same wires on the same screws and/or you have an
apprentice who you are teaching helping you, it is certainly not out of the
realm of possibility that one might make an error.  What makes the
difference between the sloppy folks and the professionals is that the
professionals do test and make sure the installation is done correctly and
safely.  The simple three prong neon tester not only checks for the proper
polarity if you will, but also confirms the rest of the trades did not
damage your wire during finish work.  An oversized screw or nail in the
wrong spot can easily sever a ground in the home wiring environment, and
that is quickly and easily checked with a tester.  

I do hundreds of 'routine' terminations a week, but since I can't quite walk
on water (yet), I still test.


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