[TowerTalk] Antenna gain

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 29 18:37:48 EDT 2006

At 03:01 PM 6/29/2006, Jim Miller wrote:
>His parents are very supportive and are glad he has become interested in a 
>hobby where he is receiving the help and assistance and information from 
>other hams and not doing something else he could be.  He got interested, 
>read about it and got his license almost entirely on his own and is now 
>asking a lot of questions.  His mother is just thinking and asking 
>questions.  I was in the process of preparing a presentation on RF Safety 
>to the club and had read the OET65 some time ago and was just going over 
>the Supplement B again when this whole thing came up and Ryan came to our 
>club.  I showed her OET65 and Sup B and OET56 and the URLs where she could 
>get copies of them and my scratch sheet from my station with references to 
>pages and figures where the figures came from.  I explained the effect of 
>variation of frequencies, power levels, and antenna gain and the 
>definition of and difference between controlled and uncontrolled and she 
>is now comfortable with his intended installati
>  on.  I also explained the better installation of getting it up in the 
> air if possible.  She is going to give the task of research and 
> evaluation to Ryan and monitor the process but with my explanation to 
> her, is now comforted that there will not be a problem and knows the safe 
> distances. for his equipment.  Nice to run into intelligent, questioning 
> , non-confrontational, supportive parents dedicated to their kids once in 
> a while.
>Try this:  ask the next ham you see if he/she has any documentation 
>(scratch paper or ANYTHING) showing they have done or do not need to do 
>the evaluation or even thought about it.  Most likely you will get a 
>"what"?  Don't be surprised.  I know, you signed or will have to sign when 
>you get or renew your license that you have read and understand the 
>Excuse the soap box please,

It's a very ok soap box to be on, and I'll help hold it up.
And timely, Field Day is the source of some startlingly egregious safety 
problems, RF but one among them.  I love seeing the photos in QST of the 2m 
mobile rig with the magmount antenna on a cookie sheet next to it on the 
picnic table.

You all did do a RF safety evaluation for your FD setup, didn't you?

What do the disaster folks say? "don't bring more victims to the site"

But seriously, if anyone needs help with evaluating an unusual situation 
(i.e. something that's not obvious in the OET65 supp B), send me an email. 
I've got a lot of resources to apply to those sorts of problems.

Jim Lux, W6RMK 

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