[TowerTalk] Who's station (for sale) is this?

donovanf at starpower.net donovanf at starpower.net
Fri Jun 30 07:16:34 EDT 2006

This huge antenna system sale on Ebay expires this afternoon.
Who's station is it??


Ebay item #300001032885


6 Towers & Antennae Contest Station

Ham radio antenna field available in eastern Ohio.  This contest 
field is available due to illness and is a rare find and we have 
dropped the price.  The specifics are:

1.  10 Element 10 Meter Telrex Beam on 44 foot boom, 6 
element 6 meter Telrex beam on 29 foot boom and 15 element 
Telrex 2 meter beam, two meter Ringo Ranger and all with 
separate feed lines with Telrex rotator and quarter inch thick 
wall diamond E seamlesss tubing on 100 foot Riverview tower.

2.  8 element 15 meter Telrex beam on 45 foot boom and 6 
element 10 meter Telrex beam on 24 foot boom with homebrew 
heavy duty rotor equal to Telrex and quarter inch wall diamond 
E seamless tubing mast on 130 foot Rohn 45 Tower.

3.  6 element 46 foot boom Telrex 20 meter beam and 4 
element Cushcraft 10 meter beam on diamond E seamless 
tubing with high gain model 1046 rotor (extremely heavy duty 
military with box) on 200 foot Emsco Derrick Tower.

4. 3 element 40 meter beam with 29 foot boom with heavy duty 
boxed Telrex rotor on 150 foot self-supporting Blaw Know tower.

5.  2 element Telrex 75 meter beam 48 foot guyed and 
reinforced boom on 150 foot Rohn 55 tower with Telrex heavy 
duty rotor.

6.  4 square 160 meter electrically rotatable beam consisting of 
four 130 foot towers on Broadcast tower insulators and with 
insulated guys over 4 1/2 miles of #6 galvanized ground wires.

7.  Includes all co-ax, spare Telrex rotors, 4 foot diameter spool 
of 12-12 rotor cable, 2 spare 20 meter Telrex beams and spare 
130 foot tower and miscellaneous switchable beverage 
receiving antennae and a working 600 foot long wire.  Must see 
to believe.

All antennae and full wave 160 meter horizontal loop antenna at 
60 foot.  All towers, antennae, rotors, etc packaged for the ham 
radio contest enthusiast.  This all currently sits on  17.5 acres in 
Eastern Ohio with a radio room and a 40 by 55 foot pole 
building that is for sale locally and so this field of Ham radio 
antennae needs to sell.

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