[TowerTalk] new AN-Wireless tower, floundaion question

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The forms did take some time to build.

As you can see from the pictures, the pillar was poured first. I am 
sure that some of the concrete did squish out the bottom at first 
(and this is good), but the viscosity of the concrete was such that 
the level outside the forms did not rise much. After the pillar and 
perhaps some of the concrete for the pad had been poured,  one crew 
member began finish the pillar, while they continued pouring around 
the sides to fill in the pad, carefully tamping to remove air 
pockets. They continued doing this until the pad was of the required depth.

BTW, we had discussion about using a vibrator or not on this job. 
They had one and were willing to use it, but recommended not to do 
so, as there was risk of moving the base at the bottom putting things 



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>Labor isn't too much of an issue, we are doing it ourselves.  I definitely
>want the 5x5 vs. 9x9 pad in the yard when we are done.  I prefer a single
>pour too, but how did they keep the concrete from "squishing" out the bottom
>and up the outside of the forms?
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>I put up and HD-70 with a pad and pillar foundation last year. I had
>the foundation done by the same firm that did the concrete for our
>new house. They dug the 9x9x5 hole then built the rebar cage to
>specs, and then built forms for the pillar. The next day, it was all
>done in one pour (the concrete people asked if it could be done in
>two pours, but I recall phoning Dan Simmonds and he recommended it be
>done in one). Pictures are at
>The first person I talked to suggested that the difference in cost
>between the pad and pillar and the 9x9x5 block would be small with
>the tradeoff between building the forms versus the extra concrete.
>The foreman for the crew who actually did the work told me, however,
>that the pad and pilliar option was more expensive because labor cost
>more than concrete for that project. But my wife liked the smaller
>footprint of the  pad and pillar.
>Good luck!

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