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hermans on4kj at skynet.be
Wed Mar 1 10:10:52 EST 2006

A water-pipe freezing protection low power heater might do the job as
Jim pointed out.

73 Jos on4kj 

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At 03:14 PM 2/27/2006, Fabio Grisafi - IT9GSF wrote:
>I wish to know how could I build non-inductive 600-800 Ohm 1KW 
>to use with rhombic antennas.

Counter wound or bifilar wound nichrome wire on a suitable form might 
work.  You can find the nichrome wire in a toaster or electric heater.
the heater is, say, 2.2kW, then it's drawing about 10 Amp from 220V
which implies that the resistance is around 22 ohms.  If you can find a 
smaller heater (higher resistance).. say, around 1/2 Amp at 220V (100W) 
you'll be in the right ballpark (perhaps an aquarium heater?)

A solution of copper sulfate in water makes a great non inductive high 
power resistor, but the resistance will change with temperature. 



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