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>  I am currently using 3"OD steel pipe for my above ground  guys for a Rohn 
25 tower.  The post are 9 feet with 5 feet above hard  ground set in concrete. 
 I want to fill the post with concrete and one  long rebar to strengthen them 
against bending. Would concrete with gravel or  just cement with sand be 
better inside the pipes? 
    None of the above. Imagine a 2" round piece of  vertical concrete. 
What'll happen if it falls over and hits the ground?  Correct - it shatters. The 
best way to strengthen it is to back-guy  it.
    While it's too late now, next time use 6-8  inch H-beams - they're way 
stronger than a round pipe. 
Steve     K7LXC


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