[TowerTalk] US Tower problem - more info

Steve Robinson wu9b at desertinet.com
Sun Mar 5 20:10:27 EST 2006

Thanks for the responses so far...

The tower does have slack in cables around the pulleys when it is raised the
4 or so feet that it goes up. The slack occurs when the tower shortly after
the tower starts to raise. The motor is straining and trying to turn but it
cannot. The circuit breaker will trip unless I flip the switch at the remote
control in the shack to stop it from raising. (The 2 middle sections are
indeed raising at this point before the motor snags. The top doesn¹t appear
to change however. I don¹t recall if this is normal or not.)

The slack disappears and cables all align fine on the pulleys as far as I
can tell when I lower the tower. But there is a single cable at the top of
the tower between 2 sections that shows some slack when the tower is

Thanks in advance for any comments, ideas or suggestions...
Steve Robinson
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