[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid- Prosistel Debate

kb5my at starband.net kb5my at starband.net
Wed Mar 8 16:18:38 EST 2006

> At 11:59 AM 3/8/2006, Doug Renwick wrote:
>>Jay's note about the Navy approval of the Prosistel rotor is
>>interesting but at present will not affect my purchasing
>>decisions.  The results of an explosion test may be
>>interesting, but I do not foresee 'shells' coming my
>>direction.  I would be much more interested to know how much
>>the Navy is paying for this rotor.
> I'd be even more interested in the details of the "Navy approval"...
> what  requirements (some form of MIL-810 for environments?  MIL-461 for
> EMI/EMC?), what testing, etc.
> DoD has literally millions of specifications, some meaningful in this
> context, some not.  A water resistance/salt spray test and/or tests over
>  temperature would be of great interest to hams. So would any electrical
>  tests or life tests. Whether the type size used to indicate the CAGE
> code  on the nameplate is correct is less so.
> Folks, this isn't directed at Prosistel, or anyone in particular, but
> seeing "purchased by ABC big entity" isn't necessarily a indication of
> quality.  It just means that someone was willing to fork out the bucks
> to  buy it for whatever they needed it for (and that might have been to
> be used  once in a destructive test).
> Jim, W6RMK

I'm just guessing here, but the Navy could also just be buying them for
use at shore-based MARS stations located on Navy & Marine Corps bases. 
This would indicate NO testing, NO adherence to any known MIL standards,

Dan  KB5MY

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