[TowerTalk] Ice Loading?

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Thu Mar 9 13:15:09 EST 2006

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You want  ice?:  Heliograph peak (10K ft. near Safford, AZ) <http://  

Bob,  N7XY

Those dudes out east just dont get it. Those  "mountains" out east are merely 
small hills here in AZ, and most other western  states as well.
Highest point in AZ (which was a consequence of the original topic)  is 
Humphreys Peak, 12,633 ft elevation, just a bit NW of Flagstaff. Cold, windy,  icy 
place in the winter.
What's out east that's 12,633 ft? Maybe two or three of your so  called 
This is a big state with many cities/towns over 6000 ft elevation  and many 
reasons for ice loading tower spec requirements.
When most folks think of AZ they think of the Phoenix area, which  of course, 
never gets snow/ice. We do get some serious monsoon winds in the  summer 
73, Bob K8IA
Arizona  USA

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