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Well now, the IBC 2003 itself does not specify an ice load
in Chapter 16 Structural Design per se. It does reference
that wind loads shall be determined in accordance with
Section 6 of ASCE 7- Minimum Loads on Buildings and Other
Structures and it also references the TIA/EIA 222 for wind
loading on antenna-supporting structures and antennas. Both
of these have a discussion of ice loading requirements and
ASCE 7 has generalized ice loading maps.

 I am on the road and my references are at work.  I will
post those requirements when I get back tomorrow.

The short version is that it will most likely be 1/2" of
radial ice load but the ice load will be in combination with
a reduced wind load, typically 40 mph (fastest mile). So the
net effect, for most amateur tower structures, is not as
significant as the design wind loading alone, but could be
significant for the antenna elements and boom, due to the
additional dead load of the ice on the antenna.

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I have gotten a request from the Prescott, AZ building
department to show
the tower design specs as a function of ice loading.  Is
there a section or
reference in the building codes (they want IBC 2003) that
geographical areas where ice loading is an issue (similar to
the wind specs
for counties)?

Thanks and 73,  

Bud N7CW

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