[TowerTalk] Arizona ice

Jim Fitzpatrick jhfitzpa at wisc.edu
Thu Mar 9 17:43:29 EST 2006

I climbed Humphreys in July of  1983. It was 110 deg in Phoenix at that
time. There was 3 to 4 ft of snow at the top of Humphreys. Ice and snow can
be a serious issue in Arizona. There's nothing out east over 8000 ft.


> Those dudes out east just dont get it. Those  "mountains" out east are
> small hills here in AZ, and most other western  states as well.
> Highest point in AZ (which was a consequence of the original topic)  is
> Humphreys Peak, 12,633 ft elevation, just a bit NW of Flagstaff. Cold,
windy,  icy
> place in the winter.
> What's out east that's 12,633 ft? Maybe two or three of your so  called
> "mountains"?
> This is a big state with many cities/towns over 6000 ft elevation  and
> reasons for ice loading tower spec requirements.
> When most folks think of AZ they think of the Phoenix area, which  of
> never gets snow/ice. We do get some serious monsoon winds in the  summer
> though.
> 73, Bob K8IA
> Arizona  USA
> *****************************************

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