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My suggestion would also be to obtain a copy of the city's tower
regulations. But in addition to that I would try to get a hold of an
ARRL volunteer counsel and have them take a look at the regulations as
well as your tower plans. They could also represent you with any
meetings with the city. It is much better to have an attorney there with
you. Especially one that knows the law relating to amateur towers.
In addition to that, there is a book that was written by 
Fred Hopengarten, Esq. K1VR, called Antenna Zoning for the Radio
Amateur. This book is filled with probably everything you will need to
complete your tower project permit application plus answers to questions
that you may be asked. It costs about $50.00, but is well worth it.
Fred's website is www.antennaszoning.com , and the book is available on
there as well as through the ARRL. I highly recommend buying it. 
Even if you think that you did everything correct, that may not stop one
of your "neighbors" from taking legal action against you even if they
don't have a case. I know this from personal experience. 
Good luck with you tower project.

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But, if you haven't already, get a copy of their tower regulations and
them for yourself?  Before moving to my qth I went to perhaps 25 
towns/cities to determine where I wanted to move.  Often the individual 
planners didn't really know what the regulations actually were.  But
always took the hard-nosed interpretation of them.


>In many ways, Mpls treats ham towers just like commercial towers.
>at the Mpls city planning office actually told me that Mpls doesn't
>ham towers because they fall down all the time and the FFC has rules 
>against hams putting their towers in their back yards.  There was more,
>I finally was pushed too far.  I told the guy speaking to me that
>don't fall, they fold, and the FCC encourages hams to put up towers.
>got up and walked away.


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