[TowerTalk] Antenna Switch

jcowens at NETSCAPE.COM jcowens at NETSCAPE.COM
Sun Mar 12 23:13:13 EST 2006

My experience with the Top Ten Devices antenna switch has been very good. I have used it to connect to antennas from 10M through 160M and with full legal power limit. In my case, I have a band decoder from Top Ten Devices that connects to the back of my Yaesu FT-1000MP and derives the 12VDC relay control voltage from the Xcvr. It  has small OD  multi conductor cable going to the relay box that is mounted outside the house under the eaves. The band decoder permits automatic antenna or manual antenna selection. I always use the automatic control and no longer even think about antenna selection.  It can control up to 10 antennas. I have it controlling drive to 5 different antennas with only one coax cable coming into the shack. I have not noticed any power or frequency sensitivity with the Top Ten devices I have used (even on troublesome 160M), and plan to continue using them. 

John Owens - N7SEJ

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