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> At 05:03 PM 3/12/2006, N0OEL at aol.com wrote:
> >I think that he best bang for the buck for an antenna switch is the RCS-
> 8V
> >Ameritron 5 position switch which uses a control box on 110 and sends a
> low
> >voltage current up a remote line to the switch point on your  tower.
> It is
> >cheap (about $139) and works  well.    I use two of them and have
> >for  years!
> >  I use regular light weight rotor control  cable.   The switch grounds
> the
> >antennas not in use when you select a  particular switch.
> You can remove a jumper in the relay box if you don't want
> grounding.  There are cases where you'd rather have it open circuited.

None of the 8 rcs-8v's that I have in use grounds the unused ports by
default.  You can ADD a jumper to the relay box for each port you want to
ground when it is not selected, which I have done when I want to use them
for a stack match.

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> >
> >
> >The wireless Ameritron is just more lossey and I dont recommend it unless
> >you can't run a cable.
> If you're talking about the 4 way switch, it uses the scheme of positive
> half cycles of AC to actuate one relay and negative half cycles for the
> other relay(s), so it definitely won't work with 12VDC supply.
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