[TowerTalk] Copy of my note to K9MI on the HDX 56

N0OEL at aol.com N0OEL at aol.com
Mon Mar 13 19:01:34 EST 2006

We are turning a Explorer 14 with a boom length of 14 feet and longest  
element of 31 feet.  We are the Twin City FM Club using a  HDBX56..    Have been 
doing that for 10  years!     
I dont know where you got that info on the Rohn but its not  true.    The 
windload of the tower 
is 8 sq feet which is about one med to small beam.    I  think your beam 
would work.    I dont remember the windload of  that beam but think its about 8-9 
sq feet.    If you are really  concerned take the top section off and use the 
tower at 48 feet and it becomes a  tank!
Windload goes up to something like 15 sq feet!

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