[TowerTalk] You all be careful out there...

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     I never pass up an opportunity to remind:  On a tower as behind the 
wheel of a car, there is no such thing as an <accident.>  Let's be careful 
out there.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Cell tower climbers surface as having  the most dangerous job in America
> January 30, 2006 - Based upon the latest national census of fatal
> occupational injuries from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor 
> Statistics,
> workers who are required to climb cell towers and other communications 
> structures
> throughout the country have been identified as having the most  dangerous 
> job
> in America.
> In previous years,  inaccurate Occupational Health and Safety 
> Administration
> coding and an unknown  total of tower climbers prevented the tower 
> erection
> and maintenance industry  from revealing the most fatalities per 100,000
> workers.
> Although tower climbers are one of the smallest specialized construction
> groups with approximately 8,700 employees, they had ten fatalities from 
> workers
> falling from a tower in 2004, representing 115 deaths per 100,000 
> workers.
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