[TowerTalk] Sailboat & Mast Antenna?

John Wagner jwagner at dxengineering.com
Fri Mar 17 08:30:34 EST 2006

> Now that is exactly what I would do, but most all MM stations 
> I have talked to have said do not hang anything in the ocean 
> because it was a problem, I wish I could remember why.  
> I should have taken more notice I guess.  I am sure someone 
> here will have an answer.
> Mike K6BR
> I have been given a 19' Lightning Sail boat.
> The hull is sound but it will need considerable
> attention before it is seaworthy.
> The mast is a tall metal construction
> A very good friend of mine (WB4CPZ, now SK)  used  a 
> commercial all band Icom 
> with auto tuner to cover marine and ham frequencies from both 
> a smallish sail 
> boat and later a second hand trawler he used as a scuba dive 
> boat running 
> from Tarpon Springs  to the Totugas.  He was pretty pleased 
> with the 40m 
> performance to keep in touch with locals regarding various 
> weather issues and simply 
> keeping in touch with the world on his jaunts.  
> Worst case, if the mast does not play, run a sloping wire to 
> the top and dump 
> a weighted counterpoise ground wire over the side.  Its tough 
> to beat a nice
> slt water ground system!
> Bill
> K2EK.
> _______________________________________________

SGC has an article about using their autotuner on a sailboat. Has some
discussion about the radial system.


Good Luck with your project. Keep us informed

73, John W8JJW

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