[TowerTalk] Gin pole design - swivel head?

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About half way down on the page 
is what I used. There are two pulleys. One at the top of the mast with the 
rope running down through the gin pole. The end of the rope is tied off at 
the end of the rotating arm that sticks out from the top with a pulley 
floating in between the two. This has the added advantage of increased 
mechanical advantage.
I thought I had that one set up to go to a larger version as do most of the 
images, but apparently it does not.

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> Hello TowerTalkers,
> I was doing some tower work recently and was having trouble keeping the 
> rope running as free as I would like through the pulley head. I am using a 
> gin pole based on the GP-81 kit from W9IIX 
> (http://www.w9iix.com/ii00008.htm), with some modifications. I replaced 
> the flat-faced pulley sheave with a rounded-groove sheave having a bronze 
> bushing.
> I found that the rope ran significantly more freely if I turned the pulley 
> opening toward the tower during section attachment/detachment, and toward 
> the landing zone on the ground during the lifts. I was turning the gin 
> pole mast manually in the clamp about 180 degrees each time. I'd like to 
> have this automatic without having to loosen the mast clamp.
> Have any of you converted your gin poles with a swivel arrangement? How 
> did you accomplish it mechanically?
> Thanks for your suggestions,
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