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I would like to fabricate a tubular tower similar to a Wilson TT-45  
(crank-up, fold-over). I would appreciate any information were I could obtain 
construction plans.
I have designs for the fabrication of a tubular tower using Square tubing.  
the advantage of using square tubing is that it requires no anti-torque keyway. 
 The last section may be round as it's orientation is determined by the 
mating preceeding section.  

It takes lots of fabrication - Base Plate, Gussets for base, pully brackets 
and roller guides for bottoms of the mating sections, winch platform assembly.  
Using 3/16" wall, 4" , 3" and 2" round you can easily attain 40 ft or more. 
The roller guides generally do not require bearings, and can easily be 
fabricated from solid round stock. A lathe helps.

Using 6", 4", 3", and a short 2" extension 58 to 60 feet works well. The 
larger assembly weighs about 700#.  These designs are based on nominal 20ft 
lengths. Most steel yards will carry lengths up to 24 ft or so. 

Norm W4QN

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