[TowerTalk] "Cables in the woods" or burial

Brian Moran brianmo at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 20 10:31:12 EST 2006

I need some recommendations as to how to run the cables from my tower.... I have fsj4-50b to run, some surplus CATV stuff that's about an inch thick, rotator and antenna control, a cat-5 cable for some antenna switches, and a backup nylon pull cord or two.  
  I also will be running a 20 amp 120v circuit out there.
  The tower is out in the woods; about 250' from the shack. I can go 'direct' with a trench or overland, through woods,  or I can run the cable to a corner of the house and go underneath (crawlspace to garage to shack) (180').  
  The appealing thing about going in the crawlspace is there is only one buried pipe (septic) to cross (reasonably well known location), while going direct potentially gets into two water supply pipes (exact location unknown).  Complete burial is the right thing to do, but I'm unclear on the moisture-sucking-conduit avoidance measures I would have to take, especially here in the pacific NW.
  120' of the woods run could be done overland (thereby avoiding trenching) - Has anyone had any experience with conduit held up every 8' with posts? The woods have little human traffic. I would transition to underground once it got near the lawn part of the yard.  
  Also, having little experience with the air-core hardline stuff (fsj4-50b), what care do I take during the installation, especially on the transition (ells) between conduit and crawlspace? Two separate pieces of hardline, to avoid pulling 1/2 through a bend? 
  The surplux catv stuff looks like it will survive anything, so I'm not concerned as much about it.
  Brian N9ADG

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