[TowerTalk] Yaesu rotators

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
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A Yaesu G-1000 fit my stock Rohn shelf without drilling any new holes, but that was in 1995 (a new shelf then). 

A trick that takes advantage of the Yaesu mast clamp's centering capabilities -  Tighten the mast clamp on the mast first, with all the other bolts loose; then tighten the bolts that hold the clamp to the top of the rotator, using the index marks on the rotator case to get it centered; finally, tighten the bolts that hold the rotator to the shelf.  The shelf holes have enough adjusting room to take up normal amounts of misalignment.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 06:34 PM 3/20/2006, Robin Midgett wrote:
>Hi again Bruce,
>Yes, the stock Rohn shelf is easily cut with a fine tooth blade and a 
>jig saw. Likewise, boring new holes is easily done with standard 
>metal cutting drill bits.
>I can send you a drilling template for the Yaesu rotor bolt pattern 
>if you need one. I believe the factory holes are for Hy-Gain rotors. 
>My drill template includes those too, so you can align the template 
>on the shelf using the Hy-Gain holes as an aid.
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>>I think these types of rotors; very much like the Create rotors 
>>which are worm-gear driven,  requires that the vertical loads be put 
>>on the rotor and not relieved by a bearing. Confirm that in your manual.
>>Mike, K5UO
>>Can the Rohn AS25G accessory plate be cut easily and with what type of saw?
>>Without sacrificing strength can a Yaesu rotor GS-450 be mounted on 
>>a cut plate? I will be using a thrust bearing (TB3) for the vertical 
>>load.  Does the AS25G accommodate the Yaesu rotors without having to 
>>re-drill mounting holes?
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